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You are Kenough

Did you see Ken's 'I am Kenough' hoodie in last year's Barbie movie? Along with nearly screaming, it made my heart warm. Yes, yes you are Ken...we all are.

The simple affirmation 'I am enough' is on my mind at the moment.

In a world of extraordinarily high levels of self-doubt and unworthiness in women, I see the byproduct in coaching sessions -

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Perfectionism

  • Negative self-talk

  • Relying on approval from others

  • Fear of failure

  • Low self-confidence

The truth is...

You Are Enough

Irrespective of what you've been told or shown, you don't need to do more. Or be nicer, skinnier, more accommodating, prettier, smarter, have more stuff, or conform to anyone else's expectations.

Your value is inherent, just as you are.

Your worth is not determined by external standards or societal pressures.

✩What would you be doing if you truly believed this?

✩How would you feel?

✩What decisions would you be making?

✩What would bring you one step closer to embodying 'I am enough'?

When I need to bring myself back from the brink these are my favourite steps -

  1. Don't just notice the negative voices in my head, question and challenge where they come from (I teach clients how to turn the dial down on these voices... life-changing!)

  2. Be super aware of when I'm comparing myself to others. It's easy to find people who seem to be better parents/business owners/partners/friends than me. One of my favourites mottos is 'Stay in your Lane' (one client calls it 'staying in your swim lane'!).

  3. When I'm tired/hormonal/over-stimulated/emotional I'm more vulnerable to BIG FEELS of not-good-enoughness. Step back, and don't let the spiral consume me.

  4. This one is pretty edgy, so I'm not doing it every time, but it's take a big swing. Like really lean in and put myself out there - take a risk and let go of the outcome. I'm good enough irrespective of how it turns out.

I'd love to know what works for you!

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” - Maya Angelou

Robyn xx

Midlife Rebel

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