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Midlife Rebel Robyn Patton, tranformation coach for women in midlife.
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Welcome Midlife Rebel,
Rebel-to-be &

the Rebel curious...

What a time to be alive!
We’ve got it all, right? Right? Yet, we’re feeling disconnected, caught in the flux of transition externally and internally.

Why, after decades of carving out the life that we have...
WHY are we still feeling so unsatisfied?
Why are we still saying yes when we want to be saying no?
Why are we unsettled?
Why are we exhausting ourselves in the pursuit of external pursuits, and not nourishing our inner needs?
Why do we feel lost, invisible, inconsequential?

Because Midlife is our time.
Our time to shake shit up.
It’s time to be curious and courageous and willing to reframe how and who we are.

Midlife Rebel Robyn Patton, tranformation coach for women in midlife.
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I want to show the world that women in midlife who reclaim their power, come into alignment with who they are and what they really want, and live from a place of overflow will create a world of radical leadership, beautiful connection, and true joy.
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View my 1 on 1 coaching programs.
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Being a Midlife Rebel is no one thing....

I’m not here to give you a prescribed, structured script to follow.
Being a Midlife Rebel is being true to YOU.
It’s being guided and supported to shake off the mindset and dialogue that no longer serves you (probably because it serves everyone else) and giving yourself permission to rewrite the story of who you are.

About Me

This is the blurb I'd normally write, talking about what qualifies me to be here.


In the spirit of disruption, I’ve asked my dear friend, former client and now colleague, Meagan to write what she thinks YOU need to know about me before we work together...

Robyn is fucken ace. Like the bee's knees, the duck's guts and all good things wrapped in a vibrant hug of goodness.


She’s complex, she’s honest, and she re-writes the book on compassion and holding space. Robyn lives and breathes respect, curiosity and advocacy for anyone who needs it.


Working with a coach who overcame fear to learn how to ride a Vespa in her 50s? Hell yeah!  Working with a coach who literally walks the talk is what we need. We all need to feel seen, heard and relevant. We crave to be understood as the magical unique beings that we are. Robyn helped me feel this in ways I've never felt possible before.

I am empowered, not by Robyn herself, but by the self-belief she coached me to see.

I am thriving, striving and vibing in my life thanks to this work.

And I can’t wait for you to feel this way too!

Midlife Rebel Robyn Patton, tranformation coach for women in midlife.
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Book a 30 minute free discovery session.

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

  • Advanced Coaching Program Graduate (CoachU)

  • Health Coach Certification (IIN)

Prior to becoming a life coach and trainer, I was an established Social Worker, counsellor, group facilitator and supervisor.


I have spent many years working in the areas of trauma, abuse, tertiary education and women’s health.


I have worked to not only support clients but mentor and supervise other social workers, counsellors and students in their professional development.

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