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Who is a Midlife Rebel?

Updated: May 11, 2023

A Midlife Rebel lives unapologetically. She puts herself first and lives from a place of overflow so she can show up powerfully loving and free for others.

She is no longer tolerating living inside other people’s boxes, opinions, and beliefs.

She has matured herself enough to know it is all made up and she has the power to make it up too.

She is claiming that power!

Navigating life with her internal compass blazing, intuition in her heart, and her soul lit up with the passion of her true self.

She knows that freedom is about CHOICE! When to say hell yes, or hell no…

She no longer abandons herself and instead truly honours her values through her thoughts, actions and choices.

She trusts herself, knowing that slowing down and tuning in to her intuition allows her to move through the world embodying her truth.

Because she is in alignment with her truth, values and priorities, she is unstoppable and is free to create the life she loves. This is living an authentically fuck yeah life.

The Midlife Rebel allows her heart to open, unafraid of vulnerability and deepening the connections that open up for her.

From this place she truly knows pleasure, expanding her sensuality, and sexuality. Unafraid to own all parts of herself.

The Midlife Rebel has needs! She is unafraid to ask for what she needs, knowing she has a right to have a voice.

Your knowing, your voice.

Robyn xx

Midlife Rebel


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