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Menopause level unlocked

This morning I had a nudge to look at the Clue app (where I was tracking my cycle) to see when my last period was.

It's been ages since I've thought about it, but I had a sense my one-year anniversary was coming up.

From the Australasian Menopause Society

Menopause occurs when you have not had a menstrual period for 12 months.

Well, guess what? I had my last period exactly a year ago today😳 I kid you not.

World, I am officially in menopause.

It caught me by surprise and I got a bit emotional...the end of 40 years of menstrual cycles (minus 2 pregnancies).

But I realised I have no social or cultural templates for how to acknowledge or feel about this moment.

No family traditions handed down, nothing to guide me. Do I celebrate, share it, keep it quiet?

In the past I've made a conscious choice to not rush past significant moments in my life, but where to start with this one?

A song request! At the gym - 'So What' by Pink. Then I asked for Lady Gaga because Rach the trainer was happy to indulge me.

That felt good.

I'm going to spend a bit of time thinking about how I want to mark this transition. A party with girlfriends? A tattoo?! A quiet night in watching Ru Paul's Drag Race? (ok, that box ticked).

And remind myself what I tell my clients - it's the meaning you bring to your story that is important.

Give yourself permission to acknowledge and reflect in whatever way feels meaningful to you. And if you have no script or template, make it up!

I'd love to hear your experience or thoughts🖤

Robyn xx

Midlife Rebel

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