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Doing a TEDx talk was the hardest and most rewarding thing I've done professionally

Updated: Apr 4

As I approached the TEDx Cecil St stage last Saturday March 16th, I took a little bounce up onto it, feeling light and READY.

All morning, knowing my talk was after lunch, I was taking Emergency Essence drops, giving the other speakers my full attention.

So much preparation and work led up to those short 13 minutes on stage.

But I was ready. 'Locked and loaded' I told Julie the co-curator.

There are times in your life where you just know. It's now.

Sometimes in life, you don't know but need to trust and take the first step.

The TEDx journey started for me like an ambush. Jumping out in front of me, completely out of the blue and staring me in the eye. I can tell you it wasn't a nice surprise, like when your friend turns up on your doorstep offering to take you on an adventure.

But when the theme is Rebels and Renegades, where else should I be?

This is the message I've been living, coaching, breathing and teaching for the last 12 years.

Yet it felt scary, overwhelming and BIG.

Way bigger than anything I'd been presented with in the past. I wonder if you've had a similar experience?

It felt hard.

And that's when I knew I had to get out of my way and do it.

Because it was important to me that women receive this message.

When the rebel appears in midlife, in all its subtle disguises, the way forward is courage and inner alignment.

But most importantly for women to understand midlife in a whole new way.

We need this message so women like you and I feel empowered, supported and SEEN.

To all women approaching or in midlife, listen for the call of the rebel for she is your guide and catalyst. Whether she whispers or roars, know and trust her, and you will find the path to authenticity and freedom.

Thankyou for asking where you can listen to the talk. I'll share the link here once it's available - fingers crossed it won't take too long (it needs to go to TEDx HQ in America for review and approval).

xxx Robyn

Midlife Rebel

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