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Be as unapologetic as a man buying a Vespa

My partner restores classic Vespas, think old scooters 60+ years old. He knows a lot about these machines built on decades of experience.

So it's not surprising his customers often ask him questions, and I hear him explain in great detail whatever they need to know.

And I hear these clients - mainly men - keep asking until they completely understand.

Here's the interesting thing.

Never once do I hear his clients say

  ❌ I'm sorry I know you've explained this to me before

  ❌ Gosh sorry I'm just not getting it

  ❌ My brain is not on, can you explain it to me one more time

  ❌ Sorry I'm such a dodo, what did you mean by that?

And neither should they. They have every right to have their questions answered.

So why do women chronically apologise in similar situations?

Why do we minimise ourselves and put ourselves down when needing an explanation or assistance?

You know what it is?

Disempowering sneaky ol' people pleasing.

Have you noticed how it's a habit, the words coming out of your mouth before you can stop them?

Yep, that's because you've likely been doing it a long time.

But it doesn't mean you'll always be doing it.

The first step is awareness. Let me know if you can relate and are ready to change it.

Midlife is the time for women to connect with their authentic selves (which is definitely not apologising for every little thing) to feel empowered and FREE.

Are you ready?


Supporting each other is a powerful way to break people-pleasing habits. People Pleasers Anonymous starts Mon April 22nd 2024 and I'd love you to join us

If you got Good Girl in the 'Which Inner Girl Are You?' quiz, this is your gold-embossed, hand-written personal invitation to join us.

xxx Robyn

Midlife Rebel

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