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Midlife Rebel is one year old!

Updated: Apr 4

Last year was a big one for me. I got married and managed the planning, celebrations and adjustment that comes with that. Oof big job, but I was fortunate to have the most amazing local businesses backing us up the whole way.

I also celebrated 10 years in my coaching business, which was an opportunity to reflect on my evolution from Skinny Foodie (yes, really) to Intuitive Nourishment, from more general coaching for women to including men in my work.

And one year ago this month I created Midlife Rebel! (You can read the story of its birth here)

I saw so clearly how midlife presents opportunities and challenges on a platter and says - you can continue to suffer and struggle and do the same old stuff you've always done.

Or you can shake it up.

I know women in midlife are damn ready to end their suffering as it gets harder and harder to ignore the old habits and patterns.

I don't know about you, but I'm as ready to stop the people pleasing, hiding, apologising for existing, fitting into other people's expectations, denying pleasure, beating myself up, putting myself last, and making myself small as I'm ever going to be.

My sense is midlife also comes with an invitation for courage, and to open up to more vulnerability. To notice where the inner Little Girl, Mean Girl and Good Girl are needing attention, support...and healing.

I've witnessed doors of awareness opening up on lifetimes of conditioning, as the inner rebel is reclaimed.

A rebel challenges the status quo, whether it's the internal or external status quo, and in midlife we need a dose of rebel energy!

Midlife Rebel is a force for change in the world and it's been an amazing 12 months.

So to practice what I preach, I'm celebrating these highlights in particular -

⚡️I created the 1:1 Midlife Rebel Coaching Program and have been blown away by the courageous magnificent women who commit and see their lives TRANSFORM!

⚡️Every attendee at the end-of-year 'Goodbye 2022 Hello 2023 Creating a f**k yeah future' online event who stepped up to create their year intentionally and powerfully

⚡️Putting Midlife Rebel Tshirts and hoodies out there in the world so we recognise each other and remember who we are😉

⚡️The pride of being invited to spread the word about becoming a Midlife Rebel as a Podcast and Summit guest

⚡️Co-facilitating 'Clarity, Connection and Courage - Activate your Midlife Rebel' day retreat and witnessing the shared wisdom and support that happens when we come together vulnerably and authentically as women in midlife

⚡️Living one of my values of community and connection through the Midlife Rebel: The Community Facebook Group

Oh and hearing from women who have taken the Which Inner Girl Are You? quiz as they share their results makes my heart feel tender.


🔥 I want to reach even more women so they know a Midlife Rebel lives unapologetically.

🔥 I want to show how powerful a woman is who puts herself first and lives from a place of overflow.

🔥 I want to guide midlife women to no longer tolerate living inside other people’s boxes, opinions, and beliefs.

🔥 And I want to empower more women from living from their inner Good Girl, Mean Girl and Little Girl to reclaim their inner rebel


Thankyou for joining me and please keep sharing and inviting other women in. I've learned I'm not alone, and I want that for all women.

This is how the world heals, both for ourselves and the generations of women to come💗

Robyn xx

Midlife Rebel

Love to know your thoughts! Share in the comments below


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