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How Midlife Rebel was born

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

It feels like Midlife Rebel has been in my life for much longer than this year, and in many ways it has.

But the name! It’s new…and came about in a fairly unexpected way.

It’s the final day of the Sacred Leadership retreat, ready for our last ceremony together.

We all stand in a circle around the beautiful altar, laid out with flowers and cards, candles and our personal offerings (that’s the altar above).

Each woman takes turns to receive one word from each of the other women – one word we wanted to gift that woman, one word we felt when we thought of her.

My turn to receive, hand on heart, feeling deeply, as I stood there being seen. All beautiful, powerful loving words.

But one word from a fellow retreat attendee struck me in a way that went to the core of my being. Facing me directly she said ‘rebel’.

Wow. It hit me hard. I’ve not been connected with that word since my teens. But in that moment it vibrated through my whole body.

A door opened and a flood of memories and feelings tumbled into my awareness.

🔥I am a rebel🔥

I have been for at least 10 years when I rejected dieting and embraced intuitive eating.

When I left my first marriage and ‘uncoupled’ in a way that suited us, so different from how it’s ‘supposed’ to be done (we lived together separately under the same roof for 2 years before selling our home and then…moving into two townhouses side by side!).

When I trusted my intuition and believed I was worthy to love again and again till I met and married my wild man.

When I left the high-paying job because the work was draining my spirit.

When I speak my truth.

I am a rebel. And I suspect you are too. Yes, midlife is a time of transition and you know what….it’s a freakin’ opportunity! You can re-write the ENDING! It doesn’t have to be the way it’s always been.

Now I’d like to invite you to something very special. A new way to work with me I’ve never offered before. A way for you to become not just any ol’ midlife rebel. But YOU! Unique, gorgeous, imperfect, still working it out YOU.

You'll find all the details here, and the next step is book a time to chat Let’s activate your inner rebel!

With gratitude,

Robyn xx

Midlife Rebel


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