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Do The **** Work

One of the most powerful coaching experiences I've had as a client was when the Coach pointed her finger straight in my face and said 'do the fucking work'.

And let me tell you, she had on her best 'don't mess with me' face.

At the time I was coasting through life, not really taking on the big stuff around me. Her words landed heavily. What did she actually mean?

But another part of me pushed my shoulders back and felt defiant. Hey lady, I am doing the fucking work so back the fuck off.

But deep down I knew her words were a call to action. It was time. For what, I wasn't sure. But it was time.

Over the years since then, I've acknowledged this Coach many times.

Every time I've embraced having hard conversations.

Every time I've allowed myself to be vulnerable.

Every time I've chosen to be awake in my life.

Every time I've taken a risk in love.

Every time I've opted for coaching or counselling over going it alone.

Every time I've allowed my heart to break wide open and the tears to flow.

Every time I've asked for help.

Every time I've taken responsibility for what shows up in my life and my part in it.

Every time I've apologised and not taken on the role of victim.

It's hard being human sometimes. Deeply painful and challenging. But buried deep within the intensity, I hear a faint voice asking 'What is my work here'? What am I being called to look at?

My friend Jen was with me during that intense coaching session. Every now and then, when I'm in the belly of the beast, I ask her 'am I doing the fucking work?'.

The answer is always the same. Yes, you are doing the fucking work.

(More here on knowing when it's time to do your Work)

Robyn xx

Midlife Rebel


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