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How I manage life as a highly sensitive empath

As an extremely sensitive child, I’d hide under tables at parties and cry at the slightest upset. It wasn’t until later when studying energy healing, I realised I was a highly sensitive empath.

Over many years I learnt to appreciate my energy body as well as my physical body and the importance of balancing my needs with my inherent nature.

Here are some insights and adjustments I’ve made. I’m curious if you can relate.

  • I no longer watch the news or current affairs on TV, read newspapers or listen to talkback radio.

  • I’m aware of the people I choose to be around and have learnt how to attract and maintain people who are a vibrational match to me.

  • I trust my intuition as a guidance system for my whole Life.

  • I’m conscious of how deeply the food I eat affects not just my physical body, but also my energetic body. I feel the lowering of my whole being as I consume food that is not suited for me.

  • I notice how easy it is for me to switch from being in flow to ‘running on adrenaline’ when I’m too much in my head. When the switch happens I need to breathe, ground and rest.

  • I feel the flow of energy in my body when fully expressing my core values of connection, communication, contribution and creativity. It feels good!

  • I can set boundaries and know that it is not others that disrespect my boundaries, it is me. I check in with how something feels before committing.

  • I value quiet alone time. Stillness and meditation supercharge me.

  • I can be powerful and sensitive at the same time. In fact, my sensitivity is my power. When I soften and allow myself to be vulnerable, I am in the seat of my power.

  • I recognise that new places, experiences and people can make me feel unsettled and ungrounded. I take steps to ground myself and give myself time to integrate.

  • I know that exercise and movement are as important for my physical body as it is for moving my energy body.

  • I honour the fact that sometimes when someone is telling me a story about their Life, I become teary. I honour that in becoming present to my emotions, I am present with the person.

  • I acknowledge that I am susceptible to distractions from my discomfort, like food and internet. Sometimes I allow these distractions and other times I sit with my discomfort and watch them pass through me.

  • I accept that I am not in control of other people. What they think or feel about me is none of my business. I will hurt and disappoint people, but this does not make me a bad person. I am able to accept responsibility without shame.

  • I am deeply aware of the impact my thoughts and language have on my energy body. I feel the vibration of words, both in myself and in listening to others.

  • I love that I have a big wide open heart that is able to witness and be with people. I have learnt how to ‘be in my heart’ to experience true connection.

  • I am always open to learning new ways to support, embrace and respect my energy body.

  • I know that I am perfectly imperfect!

Robyn xx

Midlife Rebel


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