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Fly Your Flag, Midlife Rebel

Updated: May 11, 2023

I’m not sure when I went from being the odd one out in the family (the ‘black sheep’) to the ‘conventional’ one.

But let’s just say over the years I’ve bounced between being the weird one to the rebel to the fitting in one to the outsider.

I’ve been them all.

I’ve been single, married, and divorced. Had regular jobs, been unemployed and self-employed.

I’ve done many of the ‘shoulds’ and lots of ‘oooh you didn’t’.

It’s easy to be judged, especially from within our families and friends.

And this is where I’m happy to stand out and stand apart.

But rather than ‘Fly Your Freak Flag’, these days I want to just Fly My Flag.

Be me.

Whatever the fück that means.

Authentic. Open-hearted. Imperfect. Contradictory. Weird. Brave. Scared.

All of it.

It’s what I want for you too, Midlife Rebel.

To be all of who you want to be.

To not fit in just because you’ve been told to.

To not ‘should’ on yourself at the expense of your well-being.

To get real about what you need.

And – yes I’ll say it – to push back against all the f*cking white noise that says you need to lose weight/look younger or change the magnificence of who you are based on standards created by capitalist patriarchy.

Fly that flag, Midlife Rebel.

Your flag.

That’s my plan. Join me?

Robyn xx

Midlife Rebel


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