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Mean Girl.

Hello to you and *that* voice 😔

Now, we’re sure you’re not mean on the outside. In fact, you’re probably absolutely adorable! 

But we see you. We know how mean you are to yourself on the inside. We know how hyper-critical and uncompromising you are towards yourself. We know how achingly dreary and depressing it is to only hear that voice telling you that you’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, worthy enough. 

The thing about that inner mean girl (the one that developed so early in your life that you probably don’t remember any different) is that she tells lies. She creates an inner dialogue of distress to keep you small. To keep you from being courageous and authentic. She’s the opposite of intuition and she can’t be trusted. 


She can be silenced though. She can learn to redirect the small mean thoughts into empowering, supportive energy. She can harness that unhelpful dialogue and transform it into self-belief. Self-compassion. Self-love. 

Imagine life without that voice dumping on you.

Mean Girls who have participated in my Midlife Rebel coaching program have reported new dizzying feelings and inner dialogue that has them feeling (and being!) courageous, bold, curious and loving. 

Anything can be possible when we’re not occupied with hating ourselves.

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