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Little Girl.

Hello to you and your tender little heart.

We see you, and the little girl inside you who is probably calling more of your shots than you realise.

Who is this Little Girl you ask?

She is the voice in your head keeping you small. She’s the one waiting for the charming prince perhaps? She’s looking for adults to take responsibility because she was never empowered to take it herself.

The little girl is keeping you safe - this is important to know! She is a defence mechanism that your inner self has created to keep you out of harm's way. By driving you to shirk the hard decisions and conversations, you’re avoiding conflict, right? She keeps you comfortable. Which, until now, has been a good thing.


Doing this quiz tells me that you’re looking for more. You feel the deep rumble within telling you it’s time to find your voice, your self-responsibility and your power. And that’s what I’m here for. That's what the Midlife Rebel movement is all about. Discovering and launching your f*ck-yeah self and embracing the force you know is within you.

Little Girls who have participated in my Midlife Rebel coaching program have reported feelings of empowerment and accountability. These women have unlocked the courage to try new things and launch into lifelong dreams. And they feel like they have their shit together.

Because they do.

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