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Good Girl.

Hello there to you Ms Good Girl!

You’re the delightful people pleaser keeping everyone around you happy and comfortable, right?

Has that come at a cost though?

Can you feel the growing discomfort and frustration you feel at how unsatisfied YOU are, while you’re exhausted from keeping everyone else happy?  Feeling a bit invisible?

Has it been so long since you tried asking for what you needed, that you’re not even sure what that is anymore?

Girl, it’s time for change. It’s time to discover your inner rebel. We don’t mean flipping off the police and setting fire to trash cans kind of rebel, we mean flipping off other people's needs coming first and setting fire to your subservient ways. Time to embrace what YOU need (and ironically, this authenticity actually makes life better for everyone around you...True story!)

Good Girls who sign up to my Midlife Rebel coaching program have reported feeling empowered, energised and motivated in whole new ways. Is it time?

Click the button below to get started!

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